Julian Lennon's New Film "Whale Dreamers: plus Nine More great Spiritual Classics at Sedona Dream Theater August 15th - 31st.  Admission is only 7.50 per film, 15.00 for a day pass, or 65.00 for the entire festival including FREE POPCORN!
We've put together a Spiritual Film Celebration and you are all invited!

Below: "The Sedona Experience" Live Show returns in September.


Are you curious about the spiritual and energetic mysteries of Sedona?

How about new science that expands our spiritual understanding?

Do topics such as Psychic Phenomenon and mind / body healing intrigue you?

If so, we invite you to enjoy "The Sedona Experience."

Join Sedona’s Best Practitioners LIVE ON STAGE as we explore the reality of Psychic Power, Astrology, Earth Energy and the Human Energy Field, Auras, Telepathy and more.

The magic of a live show fuses with exclusive filmed appearances by today’s top scientists from films like "What the Bleep" and ”The Secret”. Names such as Bill Tiller and Greg Braden, to form a
seamless adventure of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

What people are Saying about the show:

"Absoulutely amazing, the best thing we did in Sedona." Bob and Judy - Alabama

"It was the perfect introduction to things I have been curious about for years." Suzanne - Los Angeles

"It was a healing experience, an epiphany. Thank you Dream Theater" Ann - San Diego

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